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What is Mobile First indexing Google Update?

Recently, Google decided to change from an approach where they would index the desktop version of a website as the primary to a Mobile First indexing approach. The new way takes any mobile version of a website and treats that as the primary version, not the desktop version.

What Does a Mobile First Approach Mean for Website Owners?

There’s been different approaches to mobile site development over the years. Sometimes, it’s been to reduce the scope of what’s shown on a mobile site or to have a completely different version of a website with a different website URL, like as one example.

With a Mobile First approach with Google, now if the mobile website is a lesser or limited version of the primary site, then key information will not get indexed from the website. This presents a major problem for sites that have previously treated the mobile version as more of an afterthought or an annoyance.

How Must Website Owners’ Respond?

There’s a need to change the approach and overhaul or redesign what’s already offered for the mobile web. For many websites, more than 50 percent of people access it from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet,therefor many SEO in Amritsar switch their website to mobile version. They may also look at the site from their home laptop or work PC, but they also view it through a portable device too.

Website users don’t necessary want to see a crippled version of the website with fewer articles, less images or video. What they really want to see is a different navigation system that suits mobile devices better and improvements to page design.

Loading speed is also an issue because while 4G LTE speeds have improved for many people on the move, some areas they travel through have low speeds or even drop down to 3G speeds and website page loading times suffer. When they don’t know what to expect, the website has to adapt to their needs.

Adapting Styles to Suit Users

With mobile becoming the dominant force with websites, it’s necessary to provide a website that offers a single website that adapts to the size of the viewing screen. The menu and the way the site’s displayed must change in real-time based on factors like the device, operating system, screen size and download speed.

By displaying all the relevant stories and video but using features like lazy loading to prevent images and video loading before that part of the page is shown on the screen, loading times can be sped up for mobile users. However, the content not yet begin showing still indexes with Google which is essential.Some basic search engine optimization tips available on the internet which helps you alot and your website become a mobile and search engine friendly.

It will take some time for every site to get redesigned to deal with the Google Update that caused the Mobile First approach. Certainly, it isn’t an easy thing to deal with for sites that previously operated two websites. But once they’ve successfully made the switch, it’ll be much easier to manage a single format that adapts to users and their devices, rather than trying to maintain more than one website version and have them work for everyone.